Friday, October 21, 2011

ND Filters

ND Filters can be very useful for many things, but they are mostly used to reduce the amount of light, for instance when photographing waterfalls or seascapes.  I have been owning a ND 4 filter for quite some time now, but I find it still lets too much light go through.  The obvious choice to change that would be to purchase the famous Lee Big Stopper which is basically a 10 stop ND filter!  Yes, you read correctly:10 stops...! However, I wasn't able to find a store that was actually carrying it. Apparently, Lee is not producing enough of them and the demand is higher than the rate of production therefore nearly all stores are sold out. I decided to settle for the latest version of the HiTech 10 Stops, which is supposed to be very close in performances to the Lee Big Stopper. If you're interested in a real life comparison between these two filters, check this link:

In the meantime, I received my HiTech filter, but unfortunately I still haven't had enough time to test it.  Perhaps this coming weekend? I should take advantage of the last remaining autumn colors... before it gets too cold to get out and everything is dead and colorless.

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