Monday, April 2, 2012

Frozen Geneva

Back in mid February, like pretty much all over Europe, Geneva had been totally frozen, displaying an incredible sight.
Despite missing the first weekend when everything was even more frozen and spectacular, I had the light on my side: the sun decided to peek in just at the right moment :)

All captures shot with my K5 and DA 12-24 f/4 (an amazing lens!)


Peeking Out


Beauty and the Beast

My wife wanted a portrait with our bunny. Good thing she's a good sport (cannot say the same about our bunny which wasn't very cooperative!).
I used my old, but very sharp and trusty SMC F-50 f/1.7.

Egypt Wonders

Early March, I spent two weeks of vacation in El Gouna, Egypt with a very good friend of mine. The purpose of our visit was mostly for kite-surfing, but I took a few photographs when the wind condition was not that great (or when it was too windy for our somewhat large kites, doh!).
I have always found Egyptian architecture very beautiful and fascinating, with very smooth curves and amazing details as shown in some shots below.  Enjoy :)

500mm test shots

Somewhat recently, I acquired a Sigma 50-500 also simply called the "Bigma".  With a 10x zoom ratio, it's quite a unique lens as it offers an unmatched zoom range among all manufacturers.  One would expect such a zoom to offer pretty poor image quality.  However, I found it to be much much better than I had expected.  Actually, I find its IQ to be very descent even wide-open (f/6.3) at 500mm!  Quite an impressive performance considered the range.
Check out the samples below.  Except for the last one, they were all shot wide-open at 500mm on a Pentax K5.

Moon - heavily crop, around 70-80%

Local chit-chat

The obligatory flowers

Lovey dovey

Checking out the bokeh at 500mm

What were they looking at?

Beach @ Moods

Very descent bokeh