Monday, April 2, 2012

500mm test shots

Somewhat recently, I acquired a Sigma 50-500 also simply called the "Bigma".  With a 10x zoom ratio, it's quite a unique lens as it offers an unmatched zoom range among all manufacturers.  One would expect such a zoom to offer pretty poor image quality.  However, I found it to be much much better than I had expected.  Actually, I find its IQ to be very descent even wide-open (f/6.3) at 500mm!  Quite an impressive performance considered the range.
Check out the samples below.  Except for the last one, they were all shot wide-open at 500mm on a Pentax K5.

Moon - heavily crop, around 70-80%

Local chit-chat

The obligatory flowers

Lovey dovey

Checking out the bokeh at 500mm

What were they looking at?

Beach @ Moods

Very descent bokeh

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